show notes

So many aspiring podcasters ask “what are show notes and why do I need them?”

Podcast show notes are a summary of your podcast episode. They include a run down of what your listeners can expect from the episode along with any resources and guest information. Think about it: have you ever listened to a podcast and heard the host say “you can find all of the links from today’s episode in the show notes”? They are a vital part of the podcast because they hold important information and links for listeners.

Aside from providing information that listeners need, show notes have many benefits for podcasts. For example, if you utilize keywords, you can use them for SEO purposes to help your show get discovered on search platforms. They can also entice listeners to tune in by providing just enough information to show them why they’ll enjoy the episode.

Furthermore, they are the perfect way to get listeners to take action if they are done well. You can lead them to join an email list, buy a course, program, or product, follow on social media, and more.

In order to make the most of your show notes, we are sharing the top 4 things your show notes absolutely need.

An overview of what to expect or what the audience will learn

This is the biggest aspect of show notes. Entice your listeners to tune in by giving them a sneak peek of what you cover in the episode and how it can help them.

Major points

Listing out what you cover in the episode will show your audience the value you provide or the topics they’ll learn about if they listen in. Providing these in the form of bullet points will make your show notes easier to read/digest which means listeners are more likely to read through it all and listen to the show.

A clear call to action

This one is important! Include a clear call to action so your listeners know what to do next. Do they need to sign up for your freebie? Buy your product? Review your show? By including your CTA, you can convert your audience from loyal listeners to happy customers/ followers/ email subscribers.


Include any and all resources you mentioned in your show for listeners to easily access. Don’t make anyone go searching for your resources! By providing them in your show notes, you build trust with your audience and make their lives easier. For podcasters that want to monetize their show, links included can also be affiliate links or product links that will earn you money.

Bonus: Transcripts. While this isn’t a must, it is a great thing to have. When added to your show notes, transcripts can further boost SEO and provide an accessible way for people to enjoy your show who may be hearing impaired. You can use an affordable transcript tool like Descript or Sonix to make it happen.

Our best advice is to come up with a general template for how you structure your show notes. This way, you can create them quickly and they are all consistent as far as formatting goes! While writing, editing, and posting show notes are extra steps in the podcasting process, they are worth your time investment because they increase the value listeners receive, encourage traffic to your website, and help your listeners become loyal followers and buyers.

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