As a podcaster and business owner, you’ve probably heard a time or two how important it is to grow your podcast email list. Email marketing is, after all, one of the best ways to grow your business because it gives you a direct line to your audience that won’t disappear if, for example, Instagram randomly decides to shut down your account—yikes!

Having an email list keeps your listeners/audience engaged and makes it easy to ask for feedback or comments on your episodes. The tricky part is growing your email list. You’ve probably heard about creating and sharing freebies or other incentives to get people to sign up, but did you know that you can utilize your podcast to grow your email list as well?

Your podcast is actually a great way to grow your email list. The people that tune in already know that they know, like, and trust you so they’re a lot more likely to sign up for your email list if you ask for it the right way.

It’s also great because you work hard for your podcast, and you can make your podcast work hard for you by recruiting new subscribers that will inevitably grow your reach and customer base.

So how do you grow your email list with your podcast? Here are a few different ways to do it.

Offer a freebie

This is the tried and true way to get people to sign up. Create a freebie that people in your audience will love. You can create a PDF download or even additional episodes that are only available to subscribers if you want. Whatever you decide, offer it at the end of your episodes as a natural next step and watch the subscribers come in.

Host a giveaway

These are great ways to incentivize people to take action. What is something that your audience would love? A book? One of your products? A free 30-minute call with you? Enter every new subscriber to your email list into your giveaway and offer it as a prize to one (or a few) winners.

Ask in every episode

You can ask people to subscribe right there in your regular podcast outro. This way you know that it’s included and growing your list becomes effortless as your podcast grows. Try saying something like “Did you enjoy today’s episode? Then you’ll love my [email list name]. I offer even more tips and tricks just like the ones I shared today. Sign up at…”

Make it irresistible

Whatever method you decide to use, the trick is to make sure it’s a resistible offer. It should be an easy “yes” for them to opt-in. How do you find the right offer? By understanding your audience, of course! You don’t want to offer your audience full of hiking enthusiasts a list of the best places to buy hair products. Think about your niche and the unique problem you solve for them and build your freebie and email list around it.

Bonus tip: Include a link to sign up for your email list in every episode’s show notes. This will make it easy and accessible for listeners to sign up for more amazing content from you.

Taking these small steps to grow your email list consistently will pay off big time in the long run. Give it a shot—you’ll love the results!

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