If you want a podcast that builds loyal listeners who come back every week, consistency is so important—simply because when your audience knows they can count on you, they will continue to show up as well! By batch recording your podcast, you are able to plan episodes far in advance and avoid any skipped weeks that will leave your audience wondering what happened.

So what is batch recording?

Batch recording your podcast is when you make a plan for all of your content for a month (or however long you want) in advance and sit down to record it all at once instead of doing one at a time and recording as you go.

While it may be tempting to just wing it and record as you go, there are many benefits to batching your work instead. Here are a few.

It keeps you consistent

As mentioned above, consistency is so important if you want to build a podcast that will grow your business and income. Even if you have a slow start, as most podcasters do, you’ll see those numbers start to grow when you give it time, love, and consistency.

It builds trust

If you tell your listeners that you will be releasing a new episode every Wednesday, they will come back and look for your new episode every Wednesday! If you happen to get behind on things and skip a week, it shows your audience that you may not stick to your word and, worst-case scenario, they may give up on your show altogether. On the flip side, if you do show up every time you say you will, they trust you and look forward to tuning in weekly because they know they can depend on you. They may even plan their day around it. Batching your content ahead of time will help you keep your word.

It helps you get more organized

When you are planning everything out ahead of time, you can see the big picture of it all. You can plan content that complements or builds on other pieces of content and you will most likely avoid sounding repetitive in your show because everything is fresh in your mind when you batch it.

It gives you a backup plan

We know you’re a rockstar business owner, but sometimes even rockstars have things that come up and derail their plans. Things could happen that are outside of your control and impact your ability to record your podcast as planned. Whether you get sick, there’s an accident, or any other type of emergency, stuff happens! If you batch your recordings, you will be ahead of schedule and these things won’t negatively impact your podcast.

It gives you your time back

Podcasting takes a lot of time, and time is precious! As much as you love your amazing show, you probably don’t want to think about it 24/7. Not continuously anyway. You need breaks and to focus on other things! Taking time once a month to plan and record everything ahead of time will give you the rest of the month to focus on other things in your business. Another useful tip for getting your time back: hire professionals to produce your podcast for you.

It makes you look more professional

Having a backlog of consistent podcast episodes shows your new listeners or customers that you’re in it to win it! It builds your brand, reputation, and authority.

So how do you start batch recording your podcast? It’s simple! Sit down and plan out what you want to cover in your episodes along with any important bullet points you want to include. Then, schedule a day to knock them all out! If you are doing guest interviews, if possible, you can try to schedule them for the same day as well.

This definitely pays off when you see how much free time you’ll have to focus on other areas of your business! Try it out, we are willing to bet you’ll love it!

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