Naming podcast episodes might seem like a small part of the podcast production process, but it is an important one. It is the first impression someone gets of your episode and is a huge factor in whether they decide to click that episode and dive in or if they decide to keep scrolling.

As you may already know, creating a podcast is a lot of work. It takes hours from start to finish to create just one episode. And no matter how amazing and life-changing that content may be, no one will hear it if it doesn’t have a title that inspires curiosity in the first place.

So how do you create a title that shines as bright as the content you create?

Here are some of my top tips for naming your podcast episodes:

1. Make the content of the episode clear to your listener

When they are scrolling through the podcast feed, they should be able to get a good idea of what they will get out of your show just by reading the title. While vague or artsy names are fun and interesting, they don’t convey much to the listeners. Save your sense of humor or creative side for the show description or the episode itself if needed.

2. Keep the listener in mind

While your audience will inevitably grow to love you, when they initially click a podcast to listen to, it’s because they are thinking of themselves and what they can gain by listening to your show. Whether it’s entertainment, information, inspiration, or business advice, it’s always a good idea to keep them in mind. The “What’s In It For Me” factor is a good guideline when titling shows.

Why will listeners want to listen to your show? What can you offer them? For instance: instead of “Why I Decided To Travel Europe”, you could title your show “How To Change Your Life By Traveling Through Europe”. The first title is focused on you, the second is focused on the listener. The content of the episode can be the same, but you are hooking your listeners in with the second title option. Just remember to avoid clickbait titles- that is a very quick way to lose trust.

3. Try numbered episodes

Many people in the business world know that numbered lists tend to perform well when creating content. People like it when it is broken up into bite-size pieces that they can easily take in. You don’t have to do all of your episodes this way, but it could be beneficial to do some in this format. Example: “5 Top DIY Projects You Can Do In Your Home This Spring”.

4. Prioritize Search Engine Optimization

SEO is talked about a lot in the online world and that’s because it’s so important. Your podcast directory is a search engine just like Google, so in order to increase your reach and discoverability, you need to take some steps to ensure you have done your keyword research and included it in your title. To start, think of things that your ideal listeners would be searching for when they are looking for your episode.

5. Be mindful of the length

All of the hard work you put into crafting the perfect podcast title won’t go very far if it is cut off on the podcast app your listener is using. You want to have enough words to convey what you need it to and no more. The standard rule of thumb for podcast titles is no more than 60 characters.

6. Evaluate your analytics

After you have some experience creating different types of titles, look back on your episodes and see how they performed. What types of titles got more listens? This is a good indicator of what your audience responds to when looking for an episode to dive into.

With all of this in mind, naming podcast episodes may seem tricky when you first start, but it will get easier as you go. Sooner rather than later, you’ll find yourself creating amazing titles in the blink of an eye. You’ve got this!

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