Hi there! I’m Stephanie.

I’m a podcast manager and launch consultant for female coaches, consultants and course creators.  I have a background in marketing and certified obsession with personal development.

I grew up a Texas girl, but found my way to LSU (Geaux Tigers!) where I fell in love with and married a Lousiana boy.  We now have two sweet (and rowdy) little boys that keep us on our toes.

When I am not working on my client’s podcasts, you will find me Marie Kondo-ing my house while listening to a podcast, of course! 

Let’s set up a time to chat so I can learn about YOU, your business and the goals for your podcast.

a few of my favorites


There is almost nothing I love more than a clean kitchen and a freshly made bed. Well, except for coffee.

personal finance

I am a budget savvy gal married to a CPA.  Dave Ramsey follower from the very beginning!


Podcasts, books, and courses, oh my!  You won’t find me catching up on Netflix.  Book worm alert.


personality scores

and what it means for you.

Enneagram: #1 The Reformer

  • detail-oriented
  • honest, hard-working
  • perfectionistic

Kolbe A:  7-8-3-2

  • highly dependable
  • high fact-finders and follow-through
  • modus operandi is to strategize and systematize.

Myers- Briggs:  ESFJ

  • excellent managers of day to day tasks
  • good at connecting with others
  • very loyal


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