Hey There! I’m Stephanie

I can pretty much be summed up as a — Coffee Lover. Podcast Addict. Personal Development Junkie. Boy Mom.

I grew up a Texas girl and graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Marketing. I married a Louisiana boy and for the past 15 years we have called the Louisiana bayou home.  

One of my favorite things about what I do is getting to meet all kinds of amazing ladies and learn about their businesses.  I love to hear how they started and what their dreams and goals are.

I get to work with fun and energetic entrepreneurs day in and day out!  I mean, how cool is that?!

Are you a passionate female entrepreneur who wishes you could free up time to spend with your family or take a vacation without being tied to your phone & laptop?

Let’s set up a time to chat so I can learn about YOU, YOUR business and YOUR goals.  Soon you will be able to LIVE MORE & WORK LESS.

a few of my favorites


There is almost nothing I love more than a clean kitchen and a freshly made bed. Well, except for coffee.

personal finance

I am a budget savvy gal married to a CPA.  Dave Ramsey follower from the very beginning!


Podcasts, books, and courses, oh my!  You won’t find me catching up on Netflix.  Book worm alert.


personality scores

and what it means for you.

Kolbe A:  7-8-3-2

  • highly dependable
  • high fact-finders and follow-through
  • modus operandi is to strategize and systematize. 

Myers- Briggs:  ESFJ

  • excellent managers of day to day tasks
  • good at connecting with others
  • very loyal


what can I help with?

Podcast Launches

Launch Planning & Support

Podcast Management

Monthly Ongoing Management Services

Graphic Design

PDFs, Workbooks, Webinar Slides, Social Media Templates, Pinterest Pin Design

book a consult call!

Ready to get off the busy wheel? Quit trying to do “all the things” already!