how to hook listeners

As a brand-new podcaster, you likely plan to grow your podcast and build up a loyal group of listeners who love your show. That’s the dream! No one wants to put in the work to create their podcast only to have no one tuning in. You want listeners to be hooked so they keep coming back, but how do you make that happen?

Here are some tips to hook listeners from the very first episode of your podcast:

Introduce yourself

In your first episode, you want to take some time to introduce yourself so your audience gets a chance to know you. Share your story and your expertise and explain why you got into the profession or topic you are podcasting about. Your audience will appreciate the background information and it will help build the “know, like, and trust” factor that is so important when building an audience.

Identify your ideal audience

This step is basic but essential. Think about the type of person you want to come across your show. Do some research and really dig into what type of content they might want to hear. What are their pain points? Look at every episode you create through their eyes—especially the first one. Would your ideal listener tune in to this? If not, it’s best to rethink your episode topic.

Set the tone early on

What tone do you want your show to convey? Friendly? Professional? Serious? LIghthearted? When setting the tone, think about the subject of your show and your ideal audience and what fits best. Infuse your personality and it will be irresistible to the right people.

Pack your episodes with useful or interesting information

For your first episode, you really want to make a good impression so that you can start with a bang! What are some of your best tips, advice, or stories? What’s the most interesting way you can share it? Think about the most pressing issues or questions your ideal audience might have about your topic and hook them with your tips on how to solve them.

Be unique

Since this is your podcast, you want to avoid generic advice when possible. Try to always include your unique spin on whatever topic you’re covering. You have unique experiences and perspectives on your topic so make sure to share them in a way that is uniquely you! There may be tons of other marketing or business podcasts out there, but none of them have your voice.

Keep your content relatable

People like people that they can relate to. It’s just a fact! When sharing your content, try to remember to share it in a relatable way that will make people feel heard, understood, and like they aren’t alone.

Produce high-quality audio

On the technical side, if you want to make a good impression, you’re going to want audio that sounds good. You can ensure that your audio is high quality by using a podcasting mic and recording in an insulated space (not somewhere with hardwood floors or echoes, preferably). You don’t need an elaborate setup, a little goes a long way!

There are so many good podcasts out there and if you want to stand out and hook listeners, you need to come up with your own unique value to offer your listeners. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, they aren’t you. By keeping these simple tips in mind, your show is sure to flourish!

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