When you’re starting your podcast, there are many things you’ll need to do, and on that list is to create a catchy intro and outro that is concise, engaging, and informative. For tips on how to craft the perfect intro, check out our post here.

If you’re looking for tips on what to include in your podcast outro, you’re in the right place. Even though your outro is the very last thing played in your episode, it is still very important to get it right.

You want your outro to keep listeners’ attention and provide value until the last second. While many aspects of your outro will be unique and depend on your audience, your goals, and the overall tone of your show, there are some things you’ll want to include no matter what.

Thank your listeners

Your listeners are the reason you create this podcast week after week, so remember to thank them in your podcast outro. If you’re a podcast listener, you’ve probably heard this in almost every episode outro. “Thanks so much for tuning in…” It may sound like a small note of gratitude, but it goes a long way in showing appreciation for people taking the time out of their week to listen to your podcast.

Ask for a rating or review

As you likely know, it’s important for a show to receive positive ratings and reviews. It really does play a big part in the growth of your show because it helps you reach more people who might be interested. Don’t be afraid to ask your listeners to do you this small favor at the end of your episode. You can even offer to spotlight reviews in upcoming episodes. That way. they could get a chance to be featured in your show.

Include a call to action

A call to action or CTA is when you ask a listener to take a natural next step after listening. This can be whatever you want it to be as long as it makes sense for your show. You can ask people to share your episode on their Instagram stories, attend your free training, join your email list, or follow you on social media. This will help grow your business and show and pull your audience even further into your orbit.

Deliver this content in a way that flows and stays true to your personality and the tone of your show. Mix it together with the music you used for the intro and you have yourself a stellar podcast outro that perfectly wraps up your show and invites listeners to take the natural next step.

The best part? Your outro can be easily attached to each episode to make a great impression on your listeners and end your show with a bang!

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