why you should network with other podcast hosts

You have a lot to give other podcasters, and they have plenty to give you too! That’s why, like in any business or industry, networking as a podcaster is incredibly important. Not only does a network of other podcast hosts allow you to build meaningful and beneficial connections, but it also helps you get the word out there about your show!

Of course, as an entrepreneur, you already know that networking is powerful, but you might be wondering what the advantages are when you network with other podcast hosts and more importantly, how to get started doing it.

Here are some of the advantages of networking with other podcasts hosts:

  • Audience Growth. While this isn’t something that you’ll benefit from immediately by networking, if you connect with another podcaster and you really hit it off, you can do a podcast swap and grow from each other. You can read more about how to grow your audience with a podcast guest swap here. You could also agree to share each other’s podcasts on social media (with or without being a guest). Word of mouth or interpersonal recommendation is an extremely effective way to increase listenership or sales.
  • Establish Yourself as an Expert. As you grow your connections, people will come to see you as the expert in your niche and recommend you to friends when they know someone could benefit from meeting you or listening to your show. It also sets your podcast up as the go-to podcast in your niche. When you introduce yourself, make sure to tell everyone what you do and what your show is about. You can think of this as an “elevator pitch” for your podcast.
  • It Can Grow Your Business. Similar to the way it grows your audience, it can also grow your business and customers. Loyal listeners often turn into loyal customers. Make sure to have your lead magnets or sales funnels set up when you are interacting with new listeners that you gain through networking so you can get those listeners into your circle and keep them there.

Now that you understand the advantages of networking, here is how to actually do it as a podcast host:

  • Join online communities. Online communities are often overlooked by people who don’t understand them, but they can be an immensely powerful tool for creating and building strong connections with people in your profession and niche. Facebook groups have thousands of people in any given profession that post daily looking for advice, guidance, help, or connection.

    Go into the groups section on Facebook and search for your niche. You want Facebook groups that have a decent amount of people with strong engagement, and you can tell if a group has good engagement because you will see a spot that says “10+ posts a day” or something along those lines. Steer clear of massive groups because they can get overwhelming. You can experiment with groups of different sizes and see where you make the best connections.

    Next, make posts in the groups to introduce yourself. Start genuine conversations with the members and provide value to them. You can also set up coffee chats to get to know each other.
  • Go to In-Person Networking Events. Check out your town’s local business pages or do a Google search to find some in-person networking events near you. You can also check out alumni organizations or networking sites.

    At these events, the same general guidelines apply. Find other people with a podcast and introduce yourself. In-person networking events have the additional advantage of being more exclusive so you have a greater chance of finding some worthwhile connections at these events. Don’t forget to take business cards with your podcast name and social media handles!
  • Engage with Podcasters on Social Media. Find other podcasts that are in a similar niche to you and follow them on social media. You can also follow podcasts you admire or who have a similar audience to you. After following them, engage with their posts! Respond to their questions, reply to their Instagram stories, and pop up in their DMs. Strike up genuine conversations about their show. Eventually, they will recognize your name and it will build a relationship between the two of you that can turn into a partnership or collaboration later on.

While some cringe at the thought of networking, it can open a lot of doors that you may not have realized were closed to you. Building friendships by choosing to network with other podcast hosts allows you to share knowledge, resources, and so much more. Remember, the people in these groups are there to network too. Don’t be scared to dive in!

Our best advice: focus on the relationships, and the business benefits will come later!

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